Performers : Dizu Plaatjies & Lungiswa Plaatjies

Level : Beginner

Pitch : 442Hz

Available movements

About :Dizu Plaatjies and the Imbuyambo Ensemble are one of South Africa's iconic bands, and every performance on stage is a true feast of color, sound, dance and sound effects of all kinds. They are equally invited to celebrate the 70th birthday of Nelson Mandela, or to come and sing in the countryside and cities across the world to promote and preserve South African traditions. The song they gave and recorded with children from a small French village mixes choir, vocal Percussion, adult counter-vocals, bass voice. It is a unique opportunity to give children and adults the chance to gather all the hopes that this country has to offer and to sing without the need to 'read music' and without any other instrumentation than the voice (soloists and choirs). With the participation of the children choirs of the primary schools of Journans and Jeanne d’Arc Bourg-en-Bresse (France) This track is published by Mômeludies, and produced by Le Fil de l'Air.

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